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  This photo album is from May-October 2003 and March-May 2004, period when we lived in Oradea, town on the NW border with Hungary. Oradea has a relaxed feeling and is a tourist attraction by itself and for the thermal spa of Baile Felix nearby.

We spent a lot of weekends trekking in Apuseni Mountains in Padis area with its carstic features and waterfalls.

Easter 2004 we celebrated with Diana's family in Olt county South of Romania. The night mass was in the small wooden church in the village nearby and was a moving experience.


1 The center of Oradea city
2 The Easter celebration in the small wooden church from 1579
3 Village people bring food and wine in the church
4 Taking the light from the priest before the mass start
5 The mass is kept in the small church and in the garden
6 In the church
7 The church's portal and crosses erected by people in the memory of the loved ones

Belis lake in Apuseni Mountains at 1000 m altitude has in its depths a 300 years old stone church which is now a dive destination

9 Michael preparing for the dive in Belis lake
10 Inside Ungurului Cave in Apuseni Mt were discovered bones of the cave bear and ceramic from prehistoric people

Autumn in Apuseni Mountains
12 Autumn colours


Cetatile Ponorului in Padis is an impressive 70 m high arch which opens the way to an underground river

Michael admires the landscape in Padis area

Romania 1 / Romania 2

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